Rules of riding in a group- All you need to know

biker groupCycling has advanced over the years, and the number of cyclists has improved as well. Therefore, it is important that people learnt the basic things about cycling before they start the exercise. There are important rules that cyclists should know and understand especially if they are cycling in a group. Unfortunately, only a few individuals understand the basic rules of cycling. Those who know the rules barely follow them and end up causing misfortunes as they carry out their cycling exercise. Whether you are a veteran on the bike are new to this sport, there are there are basic rules and few regulations that shall make your next group cycling an enjoyable experience.

Cycling is not a race

Very many cyclists fail to understand the fact that cycling is not a competition. Cycling is an exercise that aids in your fitness. Cycling is not just a way of showing how fast you can ride. You might risk your life as you ride fast and might as well risk the life of others. It is important to understand how to undertake the exercise calmly and avoid inconveniences hence making the activity enjoyable. It is not appropriate to attack off the front with efforts to show that you are strong.

Bar to bar

bikesThis rule is very important since it ensures that the chances of causing accidents are minimized. Riders are supposed to give each other ample space between the bars. They should give each other at least a space of few centimeters. You should ensure that you maintain a handle bar to handle bar space.

As a rider, you should understand that any alteration of the flow of the bikes could result to unavoidable accidents. Therefore, as a rider, you should not take any steps that might disrupt or interfere with the flow of the bikes. Some tend to alter the flow, especially when negotiating a corner. You should maintain the flow even when negotiating a corner. The flow should be like that of well-oiled chain machine. It is a major faux pas to maintain your bars ahead of other riders, and it is called ‘half wheeling’.

There is no need to occupy the whole lane during the race. You should try and keep off the centre parts and concentrate on keeping your pace at the edge of the road. Taking the whole lane annoys motorists and could even result in accidents.

If you are in a group whose number of riders is uneven, you should try and fit yourself in the centre in case you don’t get a partner. Fitting between shall allow all the riders to ride bar to bar. The group shall remain close together, and communication with the other riders shall be made easier.

Peeling Off

When you ride for a long distance, you will eventually become tired. Therefore, there will be a need to peel off. Before you peel off, you should make sure that the rider that is next to you has been well notified that you want to peel off. Notifying other riders that you want to peel off shall help you in making a successful peel off.

Pulling Through

When you are left behind, do not agree to be stagnant. Instead, make efforts to pull through and reach to the rest maintaining your chain harmoniously. It is your job to come in front and pull the group along. If you are tired or not fit compared to the rest of the crew, it is your job to pull along and make it up since it is too late for you to start worrying about getting to rest.

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