Planning On Going On A Long Bike Ride? Tips To Help You!

3 Key Things To Know Before Your First Long Bike Ride

bike and water bottlesIn this article, we are going to talk about how to prepare for a long bike ride. You will find advice here especially if it is your first time to embark on such an unimaginable distance biking, and you feel you could really manage that.

I started with a 100k long ride. However, there are other riders who did 200k and 300k. To others, it was quite challenging and the furthest they could manage was only 50k. In simple terms, it was each to their own.
What actually motivates people to embark on their first long ride is an upcoming event. For instance, Audax club ride, Around the Bay in a Day or Sydney to the Gong. It is normally all about riding for enjoyment and having that feeling that you have really achieved rather than racing.

Many riders don’t know how to best prepare for the race, and therefore, I offered you some helpful tips from experts on how to prepare yourself.

If, for instance, you can hit your target distance through your regular weekly rides to and from work, then it likely that you have leg fitness to ride it in one day. However, if you weekly mileage is quite short, you then need to start extending the distances for cycling fitness. You may also want to try other ways to bolster your cycling fitness.

Your mileage may be okay, but that is not enough. You will need to build up to rides close to the distance you aim to hit prior to the event.

Tip 1: Ride lots

According to Baden-Powell of Gilwell, you should be prepared.

To avoid any surprise on the day of the event, make sure that everything is tried and tested during your practice rides. By everything I mean all drinks, all gear, all clothing and all food. Everything should as it was during the preparation rides, and there shouldn’t be any new item added or changed for the big day.

The other thing is to ensure that your bike is good condition. You can have it checked by professional before the event. After a maintenance check it would be wise to take for some rides just to make sure that everything is okay; you never know, you some things may need some readjusting even with the best care.
Sharpen your repair skills; you should have at least basic repair skills. Do a test run on the bicycle you will be riding and carry parts and tools that are necessary to perform basic field repairs.

Tip 2: Be Geared up

According to Velocio, you should eat before you are famished and drink prior to becoming thirsty.

Do not complicate things, just take it easy and enjoy your ride. Just drink up at your own pace and don’t let your drink and food supply run dry, and just have fun.

Some people tend to treat big events as though they were races. You shouldn’t join such people but rather maintain your cruising pace and just stick to it. Look for a bunch of friends who are willing to join you so as to make the ride more enjoyable. Ride together for mutual support and company.

It is good to have breaks, but you should keep them brief. This is the right time to cool down your muscles by taking some drinks and death-by-chocolate cake.


Tip 3: Pursue The Seven Commandments for the Wise Cyclist By Velocio

  • Eat and drink even when it is not necessary.
  • Don’t have long stops, just keep them brief.
  • Keep yourself cool.
  • Never get too tired to drink, sleep or eat.
  • Maintain your own pace when riding your bike
  • Lay off meat, wine and tobacco on tour.
  • Never show off.

Those are tips to help you get ready for a long ride.

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