9 Essential List of Accessories For Your Bicycle

sportAs we all know, bikes are not just used for transportation but also as a tool for exercises or sport. Bicycles are not only earth-friendly; they are easy to use as well. Whether you just purchased a bike or already have one, you should still consider buying some essential accessories that will surely come handy when needed. It’s better safe than sorry right?

Some essential bike accessories you need to buy:

1. Lock – If your bicycle is even significant for you, this should be the first thing you should buy. While it’s tempting to buy a cheap one, it’s better to invest on something that is expensive but reliable. Take note; try not to buy cable locks as they are often easily cut by a saw or a cutter. The best lock would be D/U-lock, and it’s best to lock them in something stable and secure.
bike lights2. Lights – If you use your bicycle at night or just planning to, then lights are a big essential for you. Lights are pretty helpful to help you see the road but most especially for other vehicles on the road to see you. There are three options where you could attach lights: the rack, handlebars or the seat. If you’re feeling generous, you could choose three. LED lights with batteries would be the perfect option.
3. Helmet – Probably the most mandatory accessory you will need. If you even value your life, then you should buy and wear your helmet every time you ride your bike. Any injury could happen to you when cycling, so it’s best to take precautions. Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of head injuries by 85%; you don’t want a serious brain damage do you? Buy and wear one.
4. Repair Kits – You’ll never know until you need it, so it’s best to come prepared. Your repair kit should have at least: spare tube, tools for adjustments and a puncture kit. If you’re unsure how to use these tools, it’s best to ask a bike seller to show you how tp use it. All of these can fit in a small bag that you can carry or place in your saddlebag (if you have one)
5. Mirror – If your bike does not have this upon purchase then you should consider purchasing this one as well. It will be extremely helpful especially if you’re planning to use your bike for transportation. Just like how it helps you inside the car, rear-view mirrors will come handy if you want to check the happenings behind you.
6. Fenders – This is mainly helpful for people who live in a city where it always rains. Fenders, sometimes called as mudguards will protect you and your bike from getting dirty and mud. Get this if you don’t like mud spots behind your back.
7. Bike Pump – Like any other vehicle that has tires, this is a huge essential. If you’re planning on riding longer than five kilometers, then it is recommended that you bring a pump with you. Make sure to pick the right pump for your tire.
8. Bicycle Computer – If you’re using a bicycle for exercise or sport then this will be useful for you. It’s quite handy if you want to know how fast you were or how far you travelled, some cyclists like to know the distance they went on. Some modern editions feature more advanced functions such measuring as your altitude, heart rate even the calories you have burned.
9. Water Bottle Cage – The last but not the least essential would be a water bottle cage. If you’re planning to ride for a long time, your body will have to need a lot of liquid sources as you ride, so it’s recommended that you bring water with you. If you’re planning to race, you can equip more water bottle cages for you to carry more liquids.

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